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It is important to maintain the exterior of your RV to  protect it's finish and decals from damage by the sun and weather. 

Sem’s offers a variety of  packages to keep your rig looking fresh. Most manufacturers suggest having the exterior washed and waxed at least once a year. It's further recommended to do this before putting it in seasonal storage.

In most cases, we can complete the work where you have the vehicle stored!  Please check with your storage manager to verify.

 All pricing is based on the length of the vehicle. Unfortunately, we cannot offer self serve appointment booking for RVs. Please contact us to schedule your appointment and discuss your rig specifically.



 Check out our gallery of completed RV washes!


Semís RV Exterior Clean & Shine

$10 per foot

Sem’s will hand wash and wax the exterior of your RV. Bugs, tar, and other road grime accumulated on your travels will be cleaned. Wheels will be cleaned and brake dust will be removed. Tires will be dressed with Super Blue Tire & Rubber Dressing. Sem’s will also pressure wash the roof.

Semís RV Driverís Dream

please call

This package includes the Exterior Clean & Shine, but we will also service the interior of the cab. We will shampoo the carpets and completely clean the inside of the driver’s compartment.

Semís Complete RV Service

please call

This package includes the Exterior Clean & Shine and the Driver’s Dream, and we will clean the inside of the living compartment as well. We will mop floors, clean carpets and upholstery, wipe counters, clean the bathroom, wipe cabinets, and generally tidy up the living space. We can clean and condition leather and wood surfaces to protect them in extreme temperatures while in storage.

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